Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Silence Fallen

Silence Fallen Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Mercy Thompson series is probably the longest running series I still read faithfully. Silence Fallen is written in two different timelines, with alternating points of view from Mercy and Adam. Mercy helps in explaining the changing timeline. There are so many characters that have become an integral part of the story, most of which make an appearance in Silence Fallen. Mercy finds herself in the middle of yet another conflict between the supernatural when she is kidnapped by the world's most powerful master vamp. Fortunately, she is able to escape, but she is stuck with nothing in Europe, and unable to reach her pack. I'll list a detailed review below for a recap to use before starting the next book.

Mercy is kidnapped by Marsilia's ex, Iacopo "Jacob" Bonarata and his second Guccio after he learns of the alliance between the fae, wolves and vampires in the tri-cities. He is under the impression she is the most powerful person in the area and discounts her as weak a little too quickly. She is able to escape him, and his pet wolf, Lenka. She hops a bus in coyote form and ends up in Prague where she asks Libor, the local pack alpha for shelter. Meanwhile, Adam, Honey, Marsilia, Stefan, Elizaveta (witch friend), and Larry Sethaway (goblin leader) are all headed to Milan to retrieve her. Of course, Mercy can't sit idly by and wait to be rescued, so she, Jitka and Martin (wolves from Libor's pack) head out to locate Mary the head of one of two seethes causing trouble in their territory. Mary and Kocourek both have their own seethes in a very small area which is typically a disaster waiting to happen. What she finds while out looking, and getting kidnapped for the second time is that Guccio and Mary have a thing; well Mary has a thing and Guccio is using Mary for her power because as well as being a vampire she is also a witch. They have taken over Kocourek's seethe and made plans to usurp Bonarata which he tries to use Adam for. It all comes down to plots upon plots when Honey is forced to kill Lenka, masterminded by Bonarata because he is losing control of her, and Adam is forced to kill Guccio. Guccio thought he was using Adam by trying to bind him to kill Bonarata, but gets himself killed in the process. The Columbia Basin pack returns home to Aiden having caught their garage on fire while doing his homework.

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