Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: Take a Chance

Take a Chance
Take a Chance by Abbi Glines

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grant is a good guy, which makes it even more baffling that he could consider a relationship with Nan, even if it was just friends with benefits. I mean really, this chick is psycho. Grant thought he loved Nan, but quickly realized he just liked being needed, and trying to fix Nan. He sees their non-relationship as them both using one another. He doesn't think much of it, until he walks out of Nan's room one morning to be greeted by Harlow. Harlow is Nan's half sister, and two people couldn't possibly be more different. Grant knows that Harlow is the girl who could bring him to his knees, but she doesn't want any of Nan's leftovers.

Harlow is the daughter of the lead singer of Slacker Demon. She is the good child, who doesn't smoke, drink or party. Her dad has 3 kids, by three different women, but has only ever loved Harlow's mom Emily. He makes no secret about the fact that Harlow is his favorite, or that he can't stand Nan. Her brother Mace grew up with his mom, and step-dad who he looks at as his real father. Harlow and Grant hung out for a few weeks, and they both fell for one another. He took her virginity, but got the call the next morning about Jace dying and took off. He tried calling her several times, but her dad wouldn't put him through. He ended up back in Nan's bed, and walks out one morning to find Harlow in the kitchen. He tries to tell her that what they had was special, but he couldn't give her anymore because he was too afraid of loving her, losing her, and not being able to move on. Rush & Blair convince him that the risk is worth it, and he finally convinces Harlow to give him another chance. Things are going great until Dean (Rush's dad, and another member of the band) calls Harlow because her dad is missing again. She flies out to Vegas to help find him, but Dean drops a bomb on her almost immediately. All of her life she thought her mother died in a car accident when she was a baby, but she was actually in a coma for five years, and in a home the rest of the time. Her father visits several times a week, and what she sees when she arrives puts a stop to all of her anger, and feelings of betrayal. She sees her dad, hard core rocker, lovingly taking care of her mother. She doesn't know this man, and soon realizes that he would do anything for her. Harlow and Grant return to Florida, and things are going really well. Of course that couldn't last, and the media finds out about Harlow's mom. They immediately try to speak with Harlow, and her life of peace has come to an end. She is terrified of Grant finding out her secrets. Towards the end we learn that Harlow's secret is her heart failure, she can never have kids, and may not live very long. When Grant finds out he is understandably hurt, especially since she knew how hard it was for him to get close to her for fear of losing her. He says some hateful things, and the book ends with him putting her in the car with Rush, so he can take her to the airport. Grant may just need time, but in Harlow's mind the things he said were unforgivable.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Inescapable

Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

omg I don't know if I can finish this book!! First of all, people from the South do NOT talk like that. We especially don't say y'all unless we are talking about more than one person.. If this guy says y'all again referring to one person, or yer, or whatever I may lose it.

So I did finish it, but I think this is going to be one of those books that everyone loved, but me. First of all I could not get over the way Russell talked. I am from Texas, I know all about having an accent. Anytime I leave the state, people want me to repeat stuff because they think it's funny. With that said, no one talks like Russell. If you're going to write about something research it a little. It was so distracting, I couldn't think about anything else. Then there is Reed, who pulls the famous, "I love you, but I can't be with you for your own good, so I am just going to stalk you without you knowing" bit. Evie is too naïve to be seventeen, add that with how annoying she is, and it doesn't make for a good heroine. Buns & Brownie were probably my two favorite characters, but you really don't see enough of them. Freddie the bff, well I can't really say. I will say that I was pretty surprised at how the ending played out. That was about the only redeeming quality.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: Without Regret

Without Regret
Without Regret by R.L. Mathewson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although an improvement from the first Pyte/Sentinel book, I was a little disappointed with Chris. He was my favorite character in the first book, but apparently having your families lives threatened, and almost dying from a few bullet wounds can make even the funniest guys a little serious. Gone are the witty remarks, and sarcastic responses. Chris has only one thing on his mind, protecting his family. When his mate finally shows up, and is nothing like he expected, he can't help but be a little disappointed. Izzy may not be a tough, a** kicking sentinel but she has a few moves of her own. A few (or 9) years pass between the books, so all of the characters have grown up a bit. A few new people were introduced, the most interesting of which will be Kale.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review: Be with Me

Be with Me
Be with Me by J. Lynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cam & Avery were the two main characters of Wait for You. Cam's little sister Teresa, and his best friend Jase get their story told in Be with Me. Teresa had always dreamed of being a dancer, so when she hurt herself, and those dreams were put on hold she tried her hand at college. She'd been in love with Jase for years, and after one heart stopping kiss, thought he wanted to be with her. A year of avoidance, killed that notion, and broke her heart in the process. Jase has more going on than the average college student, and very few people know about all of his baggage.

After the third or fourth time of him making a move on Tess, and then giving her the cold shoulder she is surprised when he says he wants to be with her. She wants this as well, but things don't stay good long. Shortly after hooking up, he tells her he can't do it, and that he doesn't want anything serious. She is heartbroken all over again, but this time with very intimate knowledge of his absence. Her roommate Debbie's boyfriend Erik, is an abusive prick, and when Tess tries to get in the middle of one of his rages, she falls and injures her knee permanently. The damage is too much, and because of that she now knows for certain she will never dance again. Jase tells Tess that Jack, his little brother is actually his son. He was sixteen when his girlfriend Kari got pregnant. His parents adopted him, and have been raising him as their own. Kari died in a car accident shortly after Jack was born, and Jase feels tremendous guilt over his initial feelings of having a baby, and for not raising his son as his own the last five years. Debbie ends up breaking up with her boyfriend, and she and Tess discuss their abusive relationships. Debbie seems hopeful at starting over, so when Tess finds her dead, of an apparent suicide, she doesn't believe that's what happened. No one really takes her seriously, and seems to think that Debbie was just upset over the breakup. Her boyfriend corners Tess twice, telling her it was her fault she was dead, that Tess stuck her nose where it didn't belong. At the end she and Jase are really over, and she goes back to her dorm to pack up the rest of her things. Erik is waiting for her in her dorm, and confesses to killing Debbie while attempting to do the same to Tess. He tells her that neither of them are leaving the room except in a body bag. Jase saves her, and then proceeds to tell her that he pushed her away because he was afraid to lose her, but realized after Erik hurt her that he almost lost her without ever having her. They get back together, and seemingly live happily ever after.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Split Second

Split Second
Split Second by Kasie West

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amazing follow up to Pivot Point! Addison (Addie) is a para who can search for possible outcomes. In the first book, her parents are getting a divorce, and when searching she sees the two possible outcomes to her decision. If she goes with her dad, she meets Trevor, a norm and falls in love. The downside to this choice is her best friend is killed by a serial killer. If she chooses to stay with her mom, she ends up dating Duke, a mood manipulator that makes her feel things for him, only because he is using her. So she gets her heart broke, but Bobby the serial killer is caught, and everyone is safe. She knows she has to stay to save her friend, but is upset about losing the potential for her relationship with Trevor. She gets Laila to erase the search, but gives her a letter to open after Bobby is caught, asking her to restore her memories. Split Second starts with her going to visit her dad, and because Laila didn't give her the letter in time, she goes with no memory of Trevor, and meets him all over again. Meanwhile Laila reads the letter and knows she is supposed to restore her memories, but hasn't quite learned how to do that yet. She meets Connor (love him) who is sells illegal programs, and she goes to him hoping he can help her advance her abilities. Duke is still a jerk, but totally gets what he deserved in the end.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: Thief

Thief by Tarryn Fisher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Somehow I missed the release of Thief, the final book in the Love Me with Lies series. Thief is not quite as emotionally draining as the two previous books, but still an awesome series ender. Caleb and Olivia must have some kind of love, because after all they have been through, the lies, betrayal etc. they still can't stay away from each other. Leah, psycho red head ex, tries to pull another fast one, but she meets her match this time.

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