Saturday, February 4, 2017

Review: Beautiful Ink

Beautiful Ink Beautiful Ink by Nicole Reed
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Un-freakin-real.. I have so much to do today, but I absolutely could not stop until I finished Beautiful Ink. I loved everything about this haunting, tragic, yet beautiful story. Helen was raised in the Hell's Highwaymen MC, destined to be the wife of her best friend Holden when he took over the club their father's started. She loves Holden, he's always been her protector and friend but she doesn't love him in a romantic way. The brutal, vile bastards take everything from her and seem to enjoy it. Holden is the only bright spot in their evil destruction, but even he isn't clean of the corruption. My heart ached for Helen, and the life she endures.. It's unreal that this could actually be based on a true story, and I can't wait to read book two.

“I don’t want in this life anymore. I can’t live like this. I am dying inside.”

"Dying is the least of my worries.
Being found would be a fate worse than death,
the thought of reentering the life that I fled is my darkest nightmare.
He would make my life a living hell."

"Blood in and blood out.. you're fuckin' choice.
But know this: it is forever now my blood that runs through your veins.
And I will drown you in it before I let you escape me again."

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