Friday, July 7, 2017

Review: Spectacle

Spectacle Spectacle by Rachel Vincent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read Menagerie, the first book in this series a few months back and was hooked immediately. Urban Fantasy, supernatural elements set in today's world, is my absolute favorite genre, and Vincent does not disappoint! Her ability to create a world that's new, and addictive when so many have already had their take on it is inspiring. In Menagerie Delilah finds out that she is gifted after being outed and captured for the world to see. Living in captivity after a lifetime of freedom is unbearable, and after making friends with the others they're able to take over Metzger's Menagerie, the traveling circus, and run it for themselves. Using the income provided they are able to live and buy back their friends and family that have been captured and imprisoned by others. Unfortunately, their freedom doesn't last long and they are all recaptured by Willem Vandekamp, the owner of the Savage Spectacle. Vandekamp is a ruthless man who's willing to use the cryptid's in any way that will bring him the most money. Delilah and her friends thought that being chained and starved was the worst thing to happen to them until they were face to face with the cruelty of Vandekamp and his crew. Delilah and those around her intent on gaining back their freedom, but things are run a little differently in their new home, and they must wait for their chance to escape.

The Savage Spectacle's owner has created an electronic collar that allows them to not only track the cryptids, but paralyze them and stop them from using their abilities. It's a type of total control that works but also makes them overconfident in their ability to keep the upper hand. While being held prisoner, Delilah is used to serve the clients every desire, nothing is off limits as long as the right amount of money is paid. Gallagher and Eryx are mad to fight brutal battles with other cryptid's until one of them is no longer standing. Killing someone for sport goes against everything Gallagher believes in but he does it after they threaten to kill Delilah if he doesn't cooperate. At the end of the book, they're finally able to escape, but Delilah is pregnant with Gallagher's child. The two of them were forced to have sex when a high paying client wanted to watch the champion and his motivation for winning sleep together. All of the cryptid's split up into groups as they were leaving with no clear plan on where the were going and promises to try and reconnect in the future.

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